In an interview with Vogue on their first wedding anniversary, August 4, 2023, Rita Ora and Taika Waititi addressed the rumors surrounding their mid-2022 wedding and shared the true details of their nuptials.

Clearing Up Rumor

Contrary to previous reports, the couple revealed that they didn't get married in London or France. Instead, they tied the knot at their home in Los Angeles, which boasts stunning views of the Hollywood Sign.

Home Sweet Home

Rita and Taika emphasized that their wedding was an intimate affair with a small group of friends present. This contradicted earlier reports of a big, extravagant wedding.

Intimate Ceremony

The couple debunked the earlier claim that there was no formal proposal. Rita Ora actually proposed to Taika Waititi, and he immediately said yes. The proposal took place during a vacation in Palm Springs, just a few weeks before their wedding.

Proposal Surprise

The interview coincided with their first wedding anniversary, making it even more meaningful for the couple to share the true story of their wedding.

Special Anniversary

Rita Ora expressed her determination to keep their relationship as private as possible, despite being in the spotlight. This explains their decision to have a low-key wedding.

Keeping it Private

The couple found it entertaining to see the different stories people came up with about their wedding while keeping the real details to themselves for a year.

Year of Secrecy

Both Rita and Taika described their wedding as a peaceful and stress-free event. They opted for simplicity, avoiding elaborate table settings and other traditional wedding elements.

Uncomplicated Wedding

Taika Waititi's daughters played a significant role in making the wedding fun and easy. Their presence contributed to the relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere of the event.

Family Involvement