Emmerdale has officially announced that Gabby Thomas will be making her return to the village in the upcoming week.

Gabby becomes involved in tensions with village newcomer Suni Sharma, as she continues to struggle with the embarrassment of being deceived by Nicky Miligan.

Upon her return from her vacation, one of Gabby's priorities is to have a conversation with Billy Fletcher regarding her recent attempt to kiss him.

Gabby is relieved when Billy assures her that their secret will be kept, preventing his wife Dawn from finding out.

Later in the week, Victoria Barton expresses the need for a new chef at The Hide.

Suni offers his services and proves his capabilities during a trial, impressing Victoria and earning the job.

This news upsets Gabby, who is judging Suni critically due to his connection with Nicky.

Gabby confides in her friend Jacob Gallagher about the situation, and her discontent grows when Suni starts his first official shift.

Earlier this year, Gabby was shocked when Nicky called off their wedding, revealing that he couldn't marry her because he's gay.