Customizable fresh meals for dogs, accommodating sensitivities; plans based on breed, age, and activity. Responsive customer service; need freezer space.

Ollie Fresh Dog Food

Chicken, lamb, salmon blend; promotes joint health, dental care. Nutrient-rich with grains, seeds, fruits; caters to different breeds and life stages.

High Protein Dry Dog Food

Supports growth, muscle, cognitive development; small-sized kibble. Features chicken, rice, oatmeal; fortified with Omega-3, vitamins for puppies.

Blue Buffalo Puppy Formula

Salmon and fish meal base; Omega-6, EPA, DHA for skin, heart. Nutritionally balanced, suitable for adults; excludes poultry; not for puppies.

Sensitive Skin/Stomach Food

Grain-free option, 30% protein; promotes skin, joint health. Ideal for large dogs, various flavors available; caters to sensitivities.

Grain-Free Large Breed Food

Small breed formula with Omega-6, Vitamin E; quality protein sources. Tailored for ages 1-6; compact kibble for small dogs.

Small Breed Dry Food

Moist canned food, lamb, beef, rice, apples; high moisture content. Suitable for dental issues, hydration concerns; richer flavors than kibble.

Wellness Lamb & Beef Stew

Curated dinners via subscription; considers various factors for ideal formula. Offers protein variety, personalized plans; costlier, less convenient than store-bought.

The Farmer's Dog Fresh Food