The Toyota Camry continues to evolve, offering AWD, sporty design, predictable handling, and ample cargo space for a sedan.

Toyota Camry  

The AWD-equipped Kia K5 provides excellent mobility in challenging conditions, making it ideal for daily commutes and getaways.

Kia K5  

The Mazda 3's sporty character shines with AWD options in higher trims, delivering impressive power and an attractive price point.

Mazda 3 

The Kia Stinger, being discontinued, offers sporty AWD fun with turbo-four and V-6 options, along with decent cargo space.

Kia Stinger  

The Audi A4 boasts standard AWD across its lineup, providing luxurious features and power options in a compact package.

Audi A4 

The mid-range VW Arteon offers AWD, a stylish design, and performance akin to Audi models, delivering affordable luxury.

Volkswagen Arteon  

The Polestar 2 enters the electric AWD scene with potent performance, stylish aesthetics, and a competitive range.

Polestar 2 

The Genesis G80 AWD combines style, technology, and value, available with a four-cylinder engine for budget-conscious buyers.

Genesis G80 

The Volvo S90 impresses with hybrid power, AWD, quick acceleration, advanced technology, and a higher-end luxury experience.

Volvo S90  

The Porsche Taycan stands out as a luxurious AWD electric car with exceptional performance, though at a premium price.

Porsche Taycan