The U.S. women's national soccer team (USWNT) exited the FIFA Women's World Cup in Melbourne, Australia, after a penalty shootout defeat against Sweden in the Round of 16.

USWNT's World Cup Exit  

 Sweden secured their victory in a tense penalty shootout, winning 5-4 after a goalless 90 minutes and extra time against the defending champions, USWNT.

Penalty Shootout Drama  

Star forward Megan Rapinoe, known for her activism and support for transgender rights, missed a crucial penalty kick during the shootout, which impacted the outcome of the match.

Rapinoe's Missed Penalty Kick   

Several conservatives celebrated USWNT's exit from the World Cup, attributing it to Rapinoe's missed penalty kick. They expressed delight on social media platforms, targeting Rapinoe with online abuse.

Conservative Celebration   

Megan Rapinoe had announced her retirement from soccer in July, making the World Cup in Australia her final tournament, which added a bittersweet note to her team's exit.

Rapinoe's Retirement Announcement 

Notable conservatives such as Joey Mannarino, Vince Langman, and "Catturd" mocked Rapinoe and celebrated the team's loss, criticizing her activism and referring to her as a "woke piece of trash."

Views of Online Conservatives   

 First Lady Jill Biden expressed support for Rapinoe on social media, commending her advocacy for equal pay and equal rights and looking forward to her future endeavors.

First Lady's Support  

Megan Rapinoe is known for her advocacy work, supporting LGBTQ+ rights and taking a knee during the national anthem in 2016 to protest police brutality and racial inequality, inspired by NFL player Colin Kaepernick.

Rapinoe's Activism  

Rapinoe criticized the Supreme Court's decision to overturn national abortion rights, referring to it as "cruel." She highlighted the challenges faced by women, LGBTQ+ individuals, nonbinary, and transgender people in the United States.

Supreme Court and Abortion Rights  

Rapinoe's statements underscore the intersection of social issues and sports, shedding light on how athletes use their platforms to address societal injustices and promote change. Her actions have sparked both support and controversy within various circles.

Impactful Statements