Electric mini excavators offer several advantages, including increased versatility, as they can be used safely indoors and in confined spaces, making them ideal for various projects, including farming and landscaping.

The quiet operation of electric excavators allows for night-time usage and compliance with noise regulations, leading to a reduction in accidents on construction sites and improved communication among workers.

Komatsu has also developed its own EV charging solutions, including mobile charging for mini-excavators, catering to job sites without easy access to a power supply.

Charging convenience is a highlight of this electric excavator, as it comes with a 400V charger (external) input and can be charged from 20% to 100% in just over an hour and a half.

Komatsu's new electric mini excavator, the PC33E-6, has been introduced into the European market, showcasing advanced electrical architecture.

The PC33E-6 is powered by a 17.4 kW Komatsu electric motor and equipped with a 35 kWh Komatsu lithium-ion battery pack, ensuring powerful performance and extended operating hours.

According to Emanuele Viel, the group manager of utility at Komatsu, the PC33E-6 boasts large capacity batteries and an efficient powerline, enabling most customers to work continuously for a full shift before requiring a recharge.

The electric mini excavator outperforms its diesel counterpart, as Komatsu claims its over-side lift capacity is more than 40% greater than the PC30MR-5 diesel model.

While Komatsu isn't the first to produce electric mini excavators, the introduction of their PC33E-6 is significant for the industry, adding to the range of environmentally friendly construction equipment available.