Insider Information 

Insiders have informed British publication Car that Honda has a special sports car ready to stun the world with its launch. 

Commemorating Honda's Milestones 

With 2023 marking 75 years since Honda's establishment, the company aims to capitalize on the occasion, similar to Porsche's 75th birthday celebration when it revealed the Mission X concept. 

EV Platform 

The only known detail about the upcoming sports car is that it will be an electric vehicle (EV), representing Honda's commitment to electric mobility. 

Type R Moniker 

The sports car may receive the prestigious Type R moniker, known for its association with high-performance, racing-oriented vehicles. 

Type R Represents Honda's Aspirations 

Honda's Type R models symbolize the brand's performance ambitions and distinguish it as a manufacturer dedicated to delivering driving pleasure.

N Architecture 

Thanks to Honda's upcoming e:N architecture, the sports car might offer rear-wheel-drive (RWD) and possibly all-wheel-drive (AWD) options, enhancing its performance capabilities.

Honda's Electric Sports Car 

 Honda is reportedly preparing to unveil an electric sports car later this year, possibly as a spiritual successor to the S2000.

Weight and Price Considerations 

Honda is likely striving to keep the vehicle's weight and price down, with a focus on innovative design and materials, such as carbon fiber, to achieve this.