Electric vehicle startup Fisker recently delivered 22 units of its Ocean SUV and has unveiled ambitious plans for new models.

Fisker showcased three upcoming EV models during a "product vision day," including a compact SUV, a high-performance convertible sports car, and a pickup truck.

The Fisker Pear, a compact SUV, is set to be available in mid-2025 with a starting price of $29,900 and four trim levels. It offers sporty handling and spacious interior.

Fisker Ronin is an all-electric 4-door convertible GT sports car, equipped with three electric motors, projecting over 1,000 horsepower and a 0-60 mph time of approximately 2.0 seconds.

The Fisker Ronin will feature a unique hardtop convertible form and four butterfly doors, accommodating up to five passengers.

A previously unseen model, the Fisker Alaska, is a 4-door electric pickup with an extendable cargo bed and a driving range of 230 to 340 miles. It starts at $45,400.

Reservations are open for these models, with the Fisker Pear available for reservation at $250, the Fisker Ronin at $2,000, and the Fisker Alaska at $250.

Despite the impressive designs, Fisker faces challenges in turning these concepts into market-ready vehicles.

Fisker's deal with manufacturing giant Foxconn may not be as solid as previously indicated, according to company CEO Henrik Fisker.