Following her split with Sam Asghari three weeks ago, sources with direct knowledge revealed to TMZ that Britney Spears has expressed a strong desire to mend her relationship with her father.

Britney's motivation for seeking reconciliation stems from her awareness of her father Jamie's ongoing health struggles. He has been dealing with health issues that have required him to be in and out of the hospital for several months.

Fearing the potential of regretting not making amends in time, Britney is determined not to delay in repairing her relationship with her father, Jamie.

Jamie Spears, Britney's father, faced a health scare a few months back that led him to the hospital. Initially suspected to be kidney-related, it was eventually discovered that the issue was related to his knees, as he had undergone a knee replacement surgery 16 years ago. Unfortunately, he developed a severe infection.

To address the infection and ongoing knee problems, Jamie is scheduled for surgery, during which doctors will work on the metal components in his knees with the aim of clearing the infection. This health journey has caused him to lose more than 25 pounds and has left him notably thin.

Britney Spears has limited contact with her family members currently, but she has been in touch with her brother Bryan. He has been spending time at her residence and keeping her updated about their father's condition.

Despite the past conflicts and controversies between Britney and her father Jamie, sources report that Jamie holds no grudges or ill feelings towards Britney. This sentiment remains unchanged despite the statements Britney has made about him both publicly and within the context of legal proceedings.

On Tuesday, Jamie Spears received news that Britney was considering reconciliation. According to sources, Jamie was overjoyed upon learning about this development, indicating his strong desire to mend their relationship as well.