Basso Bikes, an Italian manufacturer, has introduced a new e-bike designed specifically for bikepacking, a form of off-grid long-distance cycling with camping gear.

The e-bike addresses a common challenge of limited range in traditional e-bikes by integrating a powerful 500Wh battery, offering a remarkable range of up to 130 miles on a single charge. 

The actual range may vary depending on factors such as load, terrain, riding style, and power assistance mode, as the bike is a pedelec and not operated solely by a throttle.

For those who need to cover even greater distances, there's an optional range extender available to increase the e-bike's overall range.

The Basso Bikes Volta is a gravel e-bike, equipped with a carbon fiber frame, which contributes to its relatively low weight of just 33.5lb, making it easier to handle during bikepacking journeys.

The carbon fiber frame features braze-ons to accommodate bikepacking bags and bottle cages, making it more convenient for carrying essential gear during long rides.

The bike's ride stats are displayed on a head unit with a 2.5in color display, featuring adaptive backlighting to save power and extend battery life.

Users have the flexibility to customize the bike's power assistance settings through a dedicated mobile app.

As with many high-performance e-bikes, the Basso Bikes Volta comes at a premium price point. The base-spec model with an 11-speed SRAM Apex gearset starts at approximately $6,680, while the higher-spec model with a SRAM Rival 2x12 ETAP AXS groupset is priced around $7,350. 

Customers can choose between two color options, stone gray or military green, and the e-bike is available in four different frame sizes, all directly from Basso Bikes.