Apex Legends: Resurrection marks a new beginning for EA's battle royale game, aiming to revitalize interest and engage players in exciting ways.

The new season, Resurrection, introduces changes and reworks to existing elements, starting with a focus on the older character Revenant.

Season 17 faced challenges with the ranked system, as players were able to achieve high ranks through passive playstyles, affecting the game's balance.

The developers have responded by implementing a new ranked gameplay system based on hidden MMR scores, ensuring fairer matches for dedicated players.

To discourage passive playstyles, the ranked mode will feature tweaks to the closing ring's damage and timing, encouraging more active engagement.

Despite financial disappointments in season 17, Apex Legends maintains a substantial player base, with 18 million active monthly players and a high retention rate.

EA Entertainment's president, Laura Miele, highlights the game's evolving nature with adjustments and changes planned for upcoming seasons.

Resurrection features updates to Revenant's abilities, making him more formidable and accessible for all players.

The new season also introduces additional content, such as Mixtape modes on Broken Moon and the Death Dynasty Collection Event, offering rewards for players.

The game's connection to the Titanfall universe adds an extra layer of interest for players, hinting at potential future developments in the game's narrative and gameplay.