8.Riverside, CA

This Southern California city surprises with its hidden gems serving up delicious tacos. 

7.Phoenix, AZ

Phoenix brings its own Southwestern flair to the taco table. Expect bold flavors, fiery spices, and a fusion of Mexican and American influences.

6.Los Angeles, CA

As a melting pot of cultures, LA offers an incredible variety of taco choices. From street vendors to upscale eateries, the taco scene here is truly diverse.

5.San Diego, CA

With its coastal location, San Diego brings fresh seafood and an authentic Baja-style experience to its tacos. Fish tacos here are a must-try!

4.San Antonio, TX

Renowned for its historic charm, San Antonio boasts a rich taco heritage. Dive into the local flavors and explore the city's unique culinary offerings.

3.Las Vegas, NV 

Beyond the glitz and glamour, Las Vegas serves up a range of tacos to satisfy your cravings. Whether you're on The Strip or off, there's something for every taste bud.

2.San Jose, CA

California's taco haven brings you a fusion of flavors, blending traditional Mexican ingredients with a modern twist. Don't miss out on the seafood options here.

1.Austin, TX

The Tex-Mex capital offers an array of taco options, from traditional to innovative. Get ready for mouthwatering brisket and breakfast taco delights.