The global sports car segment has been gradually eroding due to factors like sales priorities, emissions regulations, and evolving automotive values, leading to a decline in the sub $150,000 sports car market.

Sports Car Evolution 

Despite the challenges, BMW's M division remains committed to preserving the essence of sports cars, especially for purist enthusiasts who value analog driving experiences.

BMW M Division's Role 

BMW's M lineup is undergoing a transition towards electrification, but the new BMW M2 stands as a testament to the analog era, emphasizing chassis communication and driver engagement.

Electrification Transition 

The design of the 2023 BMW M2 draws inspiration from classic M cars and wide-flared models of the '70s and '80s, blending a modern, muscular aesthetic with nostalgic touches.

Design Inspiration 

The aggressive styling of the M2 is evident in its broad-shouldered muscularity, flared wheel arches, staggered M light alloy wheels, and a lightweight M Carbon roof for improved handling agility.

Exterior Highlight 

Inside, the M2 offers a balance of comfort and sportiness with M sport seats, while the M Carbon Experience package includes even lighter bucket seats for a track-focused setup.

Interior Comfort 

The driver-centric cockpit integrates M-specific readouts, controls, and a 12.3" instrument display with a 14.9" control display, providing tailored M-related information and shift lights.

Driver-Centric Cockpit 

The BMW head-up display features M-specific readouts for key information, and the latest-generation BMW iDrive system (Version 8) offers intuitive connectivity and control.

Advanced Technology 

The M2 is equipped with a twin-turbo inline-six engine delivering 338kW of power, providing exhilarating acceleration, especially when paired with the six-speed manual transmission.

Performance Powerhouse 

The M2's chassis offers a planted, precise, and engaging driving experience, with an adaptive M suspension providing comfort and control. The handling is characterized by sharp precision and excellent feedback through the chassis.

Exceptional Handling