Short Motivational Story

Discover a transformative journey in this Short Motivational Story. Uncover the tale of an extraordinary individual who reshapes a struggling company and inspires positive change.

Short Motivational Story

This narrative delves into the power of self-discovery, motivation, and the hidden potential within us. Let this story be your source of inspiration on the path to personal and professional growth. Experience the impact of resilience and determination in this captivating Short Motivational Story.

Conquer Your Mind – Short Motivational Story

Today, I am going to tell you about an extraordinary person, perhaps someone you are not aware of. This individual has the potential to change your life if you come to know about them. This person is right around you. Curious to know who can transform your life from zero to hero? Let’s start with a short story.

Once upon a time, a company was facing losses. The CEO was troubled about what to do. Upon closely examining the company’s working structure, he realized that the employees were filled with negativity and frustration because they were not getting promotions. As a result, their dedication to work had diminished. One day, when everyone came to the office, they saw the boss standing near a coffin. The coffin was placed there. Everyone was shocked, wondering what unexpected event had occurred. Who had left this world?

Conquer Your Mind - Short Motivational Story

When someone tried to inquire, the boss revealed that the person who was preventing them from working hard and getting promotions was inside the coffin. Everyone was secretly delighted, thinking about the mysterious person who had been hindering their progress. The boss expressed his desire for everyone to see the face of this person before burying him. As each person approached, they saw a shattered mirror inside the coffin. Their eyes widened in disbelief. It was hard for them to comprehend that the one stopping them from promotions was their own reflection.

From that day on, the company started improving, and soon, it became profitable. The employees received promotions. But who was that person inside the coffin, preventing them from working and succeeding? In reality, the boss had placed a large mirror inside the coffin, and when the employees looked inside, they saw their own reflection. It was a revelation. The world might have all the knowledge, but understanding oneself a little can make life better. Spend a moment looking at yourself in the mirror.

Now, back to the person within. This person can achieve everything you dream of. Whether it’s a house, a car, a name, success, or money, this person has the power. It’s amazing, isn’t it? The greatest enemy you face is yourself. But when you gain control over yourself, this person can help you achieve everything you desire. The power is within you. Wake up the person inside the mirror. If this person wishes, they can move mountains. We often forget about ourselves in the chaos of the world and in the crowd. But there is someone sitting in a corner within us, trying to convey something, yet we fail to see or hear them.

This person first spoke to you when you set a goal for yourself, a dream to become something in life. Whether it’s a house, a car, a name, success, or money, this person spoke to you. They stayed with you for a few days, and then you moved away in the hustle and bustle of the external world. However, this external world is so noisy that you can no longer hear that person’s voice. Today, if you haven’t achieved success, it’s because you left that person who was leading you towards success. You got lost. You have no personal existence. You live solely for fulfilling the dreams of others. Your internal person is sitting in silence, neglected for days.

Give a gentle knock on the mirror that’s coming in between. The person inside will slowly lift their gaze. Their eyes are dried up from crying because they’ve been alone for a long time. They seem old now, as they have been solitary for so many days.

Then, knock on the mirror once again. This time, the person inside will lift their eyes with tears, as if they’ve been waiting for you to come back. Now, speak to yourself and say, “Hey, the great person within me, I got lost in the crowd of the external world. I wasted a lot of time. I apologize to myself.” The inner person will start crying, and when you embrace them, they will transform instantly.

When you make yourself your own, no external force can stop you, because the world inside you is much bigger than the external world. Once you have conquered the inner world, so many fireworks will burst that their glow will attract the external world towards you. People will say, “Look, a person has become successful!”

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